What MPs Want to Hear in State of the Nation Address

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A section of legislators have expressed mixed expectations on what they anticipate will be President Yoweri Musevenis focus in his State of the Nation Address.

A section of legislators have expressed mixed expectations on what they anticipate will be President Yoweri Museveni's focus in his State of the Nation Address. 
The president is scheduled to address the nation on Tuesday, June 6th ahead of the 2017/2018 Budget Speech two days later. Addressing the nation is a constitutional requirement from the president under Article 101 (1) of the Constitution.
The Article stipulates that "the president shall, at the beginning of each session of parliament, deliver to parliament an address on the state of the nation."  
Now some members of parliament URN spoke to indicate that they expect the president to address the security situation of the country, struggling economy, and progress on the fight against corruption among others.
Gerald Karuhanga, the Ntungamo Municipality MP, says that first on the president's agenda should be on challenges facing the economy. Karuhanga says that the public would expect President Museveni to come up with a plan that can possibly revive what he described as a challenged economy.
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Henry Kibalya, the Bugabula South MP says that the president should carry a message of hope to the public on issues to do with security and protection of people's property. The MP noted anxiety and loss of hope among the people following a number of murders of key citizens as well as threats by thugs to attack villages and rob people of their property. 
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Manjiya County MP John Baptist Nambeshe said that the president should tackle corruption in his address. 
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For Bukooli Central MP Solomon Silwanyi, the state of the nation address should indicate the progress made by the country towards achieving middle income status by 2020. 
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Cue out:...out of poverty."//
In 2016, President Yoweri Museveni centered his address on the demand for political reforms mostly from the opposition and civil society, performance of the economy, electricity accessibility, corruption, investment, and support of locally made products among others. 


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