Woman Arrested for hiring Out Sick Baby

1740 Views Kampala, Uganda
Police is holding Iryama Maria, a resident of Kisenyi for hiring out her sick 8-month-old baby to be used to beg money on the streets of Kampala. It is alleged that Iryama has been hiring out the baby to another woman who would take it to the streets to hood wink pedestrians to give her money. Iryama was however today arrested by police on a tip off by a Good Samaritan. Iryama told police that she was being given some of the proceeds off the baby's collections at the end of the day. Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson Ibin Ssenkumbi says the baby has a swollen head, bent legs because of sitting on the streets longer hours and is very emaciated. The baby is to be taken for treatment considering her poor health, and police says she is at risk of death. //Cue in..They have." Cue out..clinic for treatment."// Iryama is to be charged with negligence and subjecting the life of the baby to danger. According to police, this was a unique case since most mothers normally use their own children to beg unlike Iryama who would hire the baby despite her poor health conditions.


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