Woman Arrested for Stripping Customer over Debt.

1190 Views Pader, Uganda
Police in Pader, have arrested a woman for assault. Santa Anek, the proprietor of Atek Ki- lwak Bar in Pader town, attacked Walter Okot, on Friday afternoon, beat him up and stripped him over a 4,800 shilling debt. Anek said Okot took four beers on Easter Sunday,and promised to pay. But he disapeared without paying prompting her to mount a search. On finding him, Santa immediately poured out her humiliating wrath, leaving Okot unconscious. She defended her action arguing that it was intended to embarrass Okot for refusing to pay her money in time. Peter Wafana, the Pader District Police Commander, says Okot was rushed to Kalongo hospital in under pants only. Wafana said Anek will be charged with assault.


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