Women activist demand more empowerment for women

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Uganda needs to have more focus on millions of rural women who continue to suffer and have little knowledge about celebrating the International Women's Day. Christine Butegwa, the Acting Executive Director of Akina Mama Wa Afrika, a women group in Kampala says that although many strides have been made in Uganda regarding women rights, there are still unresolved issues as Uganda marks International Women's day. Butegwa says for the rural women, there is still little to celebrate given the high maternal mortality rates due to the poor healthcare system. She says there has been marked progress in women accessing leadership positions, but these still have to be assessed in terms of their ability to make substantive changes and inputs that will benefit women. // Cue in " It is not enough to just count.... Cue out ... and that not the case. // Butegwa says there government has not done enough to implement the gender based related laws. She is also concerned that women who dominate the informal sector have not been adequately targeted by government in terms of incentives needed to empower them financially. // Cue in "Women have made significant... Cue Out .... Out of reach for a lot of women"/// Edigold Monday, the Bank of Africa Managing Director, agreed that women in the informal sector have not been adequately assisted to change their economic status. She says many don't have access to credit because of the past injustices on land ownership. // Cue In "Women in Uganda are highly Cue Out ... really suffering"// She says the women activist should also focus lobbying banks to put in place women-friendly policies on accesing financial credit.


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