World Bank On Spot Over Pakwach-Nebbi Road

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Former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works and Transport, Charles Muganzi tells the UNRA commission that the World Bank dictated some aspects that affected quality of the Pakwach-Nebbi road.

The former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works and Transport, Charles Muganzi has blamed the World Bank for the sub-standard work in the Pakwach-Nebbi road.

World Bank which funded the construction and upgrading of the 53km road and also supervised it, is alleged to have frustrated attempts by Ministry of Works and Transport to have specialized engineers working on the road.

While the 22 billion shillings funding was a loan to the government of Uganda, the condition was to have approval from the World Bank at each stage.
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Appearing before the UNRA probe, Muganzi says engineers brought in by the World Bank were not registered in Uganda. The commission asked Muganzi to explain why engineers not registered in Uganda were allowed to work in such a project.
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Among the non-registered engineers was the Project Manager, Fan Wei. He began working in Uganda immediately after graduating in China, without any experience.
The commission had summoned Eng. Victor Ochaya, who was the project manager on behalf of the World Bank on the Pakwach-Nebbi road. He however told the commission he had been directed not to appear by the World Bank.

The commission has written to the World Bank to allow Ochaya appear and answer questions related to his role in supervision.


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