Wrangles Rock Kabale Municipal Council

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Trouble between Muhanguzi and some councilors started after the municipal council officials led by Pius Ruhemurana, the Mayor Kabale municipality staged a strike to demand the removal of the former town clerk Augustine Bujara.

Councilors of Kabale municipal council have split into factions, which has affected service delivery to residents. One of the factions is led by BadruBiryomumaisho, the Kijuguta ward councilor while the remaining group is allied to the speaker Richard Muhanguzi. The councilors allied to Biryomumaisho are Scholastic Nkeramugaba, Ronald Hakizimana, Clare Ahimbisibwe, Jackson Mbasa, Sunday John Peter, Isaac Mucunguzi, Phiona Aturinda, Kedress Mutabazi, Marion Ahimisibwe, A. Korinako, Nicodemous Akankwasa, and Jacinta Beshubeho.
Those in the speaker’s camp are Leopold Twesigye, Peter Niwagaba, Julius Tituryebwa, and John Karisa, the PWD councilor. Biryomumaisho and his group want to kick out Muhanguzi for alleged incompetence and failure to convene council sessions. Trouble between Muhanguzi and some councilors started after the municipal council officials led by Pius Ruhemurana, the Mayor Kabale municipality staged a strike to demand the removal of the former town clerk Augustine Bujara.
It came after Bujara as implicated for mismanaging more than 200 million shillings meant for road works. The strike paralyzed council activities, but the speaker rejected proposals by a section of councilor to convene a council meeting to address the stalemate. Badru Biryomumaisho, the Kijuguta ward councilor who also doubles as the Kabale council finance secretary accuses the speaker for being despotic. He also accuses Muhanguzi of siding with the executive and ignoring the concerns of the councilors.
Marion Ahimbisibwe, the female youth councilor says when they moved in to petition the executive on the conduct of the speaker he became bitter and went to court demanding for shillings 333 million claiming that they had tarnished his name. However, the councilors backing the speaker exonerate him of any wrong doing. Leopold Twesigye says the group opposed to the speaker is bitter after they were implicating for pocketing allowances for a fake trip to Rwanda. He says the decision by the speaker not to hold council sessions was in line with the resolution of the executive to halt any activities until Bujara is removed from the district.
Bujara has since retired. Richard Muhanguzi, the speaker Kabale municipal council says councilors started witch-hunting him when he refused to side with them in mismanaging council resources. He says that some councilors ganged up against him after they were implicated for receiving allowances for a fake trip to Rwanda. Muhanguzi says despite the fact that Kabale municipal council leadership is making attempts to resolve the issues amicably he will continue pursuing the matter in court. His case is slated for hearing on 3rd March 2014.

He insists all the allegations against him by the councilors are just aimed at tarnishing his name.

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Muhanguzi explains that he called off council sessions after the councilors resolved to suspend all activities until Bujara is removed.
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Dr. Pius Ruhemurana, the Mayor Kabale municipality has called for a negotiated settlement between both parties to ensure service delivery is given first priority. According to Ruhemurana, the common man will continue suffering should the councilors bickering. He says his leadership is working hard to ensure that the two sides to come together and restore sanity in the municipal council.


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