National Perspective Vol. 006: Is it Malnutrition or Hidden Hunger in Uganda? (program summary)

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Healthy eating does not just mean eating enough, but eating a good range of foods, including vegetables, fruit, and animal products like meat, milk and eggs.

Sadly, while most of us know about healthy eating, millions of families simply cannot afford all these foods. Those producing some of the nutritious food instead sell it to the market leaving their families with little or none at all. The result is often malnourishment, which at times goes unnoticed until it becomes severe like the recent case in Namutumba district.

The events in Eastern Uganda left many wondering why a country that seems to have food in plentiful amounts would still have a starving population.

According to experts, sometimes even when we have the right foods, some of the nutrients are lost in handling, processing and cooking.

In this edition of National Perspective, we speak to nutritionists about healthy eating. We also learn how our foods are being enriched with vital nutrients needed in a balanced diet

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