Analysis Pader

Education, Health and Job Creation Top of Pader Voters Agenda.
Peter Labeja
Amos Ogaba has been operating a retail business since 1994. Through the years, he has changed from one line of commodities to the other. Currently, he is dealing more in agro produce and some few manufactured goods in Acholi Bur trading center in Pader district.
Through the many years of his business, Ogaba has undergone several turbulent winds of business and politics in his area. Yet, he has remained true to his country and family. Ogaba is one of the many people preparing to take part in the 2016 general elections.

Ogaba is confident that his single vote is powerful enough to cause well-meaning change in the way governance and service delivery is carried out in Uganda. And voter bribery is out of his question.
He says he is going to focus more on candidates who will address the challenges affecting the quality of primary education, access to health services, increased agricultural productivity among others.

Okot Vincent Obutu another resident in Acholibur agrees with Ogaba. He says the welfare of teachers should be at the heart of the forthcoming elections. He also wants the next leaders to review the policy of automatic promotion.

53 year old Christine Acii, a resident of Lamwo Gogo Village in Palabek Kal Sub County, Lamwo District agrees with Okot. She says health care service delivery in district hospitals must be strengthened through the forthcoming elections.

It is here that relationship play critical role. Previous trend indicates that different clans voted inn accordance to how they were related to the candidates. And everyone is waitng to see if history will repeat itself.
For Grace Layet, a resident of Amuca South, Ywaya Parish in Palabek Kal Sub County, in Lamwo District, Pro – women agenda will sail through after decades of LRA conflicts. She recommends easy to access micro credit grants to support women groups engage in businesses.

Collins Anywar, a veterinary in Acholibur Sub County in Pader district says local government aspirants planning to approach them should prepare to address challenges issues of unemployment, skills training, agriculture development and peace and security.

Voters interviewed in Kitgum say NRM party made crucial milestones in energy supply through rural electrification, road upgrade and the elevation of Kitgum Town Council to a municipality.
Suzan Ayaa, a resident of Pager Parish, in Central Division, Kitgum Municipality says the developments are crucial in the way they engage in business.
Back to Ogaba Amos in Acholibur Sub County, the next set of leaders he will vote for should ensure that elections and access to justice are not commercialized.
Also featuring very strongly is peace and security to prevent a repeat of brutal conflicts in Uganda. Some of those interviewed said government is now on the right track on infrastructure development and should be allowed to proceed uninterrupted.