Issues To Determine 2016 General Election In Luweero.

By Brian Luwaga

The rampant land wrangles, delayed compensation, unfulfilled pledges and Cultural differences are the key issues that likely to determine

Luweero,Nakaseke and Nakasongola are currently faced with rampant cases of land grabbing.Atleast 10,000 people are living on tenterhooks in Bombo,Makulubita ,Kikamulo,Nakaseke ,Lwabyata and Kito sub counties.

The affected people are now looking for suitable candidates who will advocate for their land rights.

Enock Kayiwa Mutumba a resident of Mazzi Village says that they are living in state of fearing eviction and over time leaders have sidelined with landlords that are threatening them.


Another key issue is the veterans in the districts who are still complaining about their compensation packages which have never been given to them, 28 years after the NRA liberation struggle.

By 2014, the ministry of Luweero triangle had paid not more than 20000 veterans out of suspected 60,000 claimants. As result some claimants weighing their loyalty to the NRM Party aspirants or vote against them in protest of delay.

Sam Wasswa, a resident of Kiwogozi zone in Luweero town says some of the claimants are weighing their loyalty to NRM Party aspirants whereas others are scared of voting against them not to lose the packages.


Since 2009, residents in Luweero have been advocating for fruit processing plant to add value on pineapples.

According to Luweero agriculture department there are over 1800 acres of pineapples in district and 98% of the pineapples are sold without value addition.

President Yoweri Museveni has been promising to construct a firm along Kasiiso road in Luweero town and ordered the Ministry of Finance to support the idea in vain. This unfulfilled pledge is likely to haunt President Yoweri and NRM aspirants especially in sub counties of Kamira,Kikyusa and Butuntumula where pineapples are grown.


Alex Ssegawa says that youths see the plant as key in fighting unemployment and failure to fulfill the pledge is among the reasons to vote against the NRM Party.



Central government has been promising to elevate Kasana and Nakasongola Health Center IV’s to hospital with hope it will improve service delivery in vain.

The district councils in Nakasongola and Luweero passed motions supporting the elevation how the pledge is yet to be fulfilled.In Past,Luweero woman MP by elections in May 2014 the issue came up and President Yoweri promised to address it .The failure of President Museveni and NRM government has been interpreted as sign of neglect .

Godfrey Kaddu a resident of Kakuuto village in Butuntumula Sub County adds that even lower units were in poor shape and residents are willing to vote for leaders who will improve them.


Feeder roads have emerged as major issue in rural areas.Some areas are inaccessible something that affects transport of agriculture products.It has become a campaign tool that aspirants should lobby and construct more roads.Definately those who will priotise it may take the day.

In Nakasongola the cultural differences between Buganda and Buruuli Chiefdom are featuring prominently among issues to determine who take the day.

Sam Muruuli a resident of Nakasongola town says that although cultural leaders are not allowed to participate in politics,the institutions are influencing  people to vote aspirants  who pay allegiance to either Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi or Isabaruuli Mwogezi Butamanya in a bid to protect their interests.

Kabaka Mutebe recent visit in Nakasongola where he donated several equipment attracted more support from the subjects because Isabaruuli Mwogezi is unable to extend such.In areas like Nakasongola County,politicians are now engaged in buying two certificates from Buganda and Buruuli so that they can be able to win favour from divided subjects.

According to Electoral Commission roadmap, Presidential, Parliamentary and Local government elections are expected in early February, 2016. Although the Electoral commission is yet to nominate and opened up space for campaigns, various aspirants are in field canvassing for votes.