National Perspective:Vol.026:12years after Kanungu Massacre

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On March 17th, 2000, hundreds of followers of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God were massacred in their place of worship in Kanungu. It is believed that Joseph Kibwetere and his colleague Credonia Mwerinde participated in a plot to lock their flock in the church and set the place on fire.

So far the largest religious massacre Uganda has witnessed, the Kanungu inferno seems to have become a blurred memory in the minds of many. So, 12 years later, this edition of National Perspective asks; did the nation learn anything from the murderous cult? What happened to the inquiry into the massacre? Are Joseph Kibwetere and the other perpetrators of the inferno still alive and in hiding?

We have an in depth interview with Mary Kibwetere, a daughter who describes her father as a religious man and a good parent.

This edition also brings you perspectives from people who knew Credonia Mwerinde as a young woman, and watched her grow up to become the “sanctified woman” she claimed to be.

With all the churches mushrooming countrywide without a watchful eye, is there a possibility of such horrible history repeating itself?

Enjoy this edition of National Perspective.

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