National Perspective Vol. 004 Program Summary: Oil Exploration in Uganda

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The controversy surrounding the secrecy over the Production Sharing Agreements in Uganda’s young oil sector have recently been the subject of debate.

In the first edition of a series on the oil sector, we ask; Why does government not want to tell Ugandans what is in the agreements? While the civil society wants these agreements disclosed, government argues that the former is being pushed by developed countries, whose agreements are actually not in the public domain

The country has been accused of creating oil governance laws that are too weak to defend the precious natural resource. Experts are already raising questions about the billions lost in exploration companies selling out their shares to each other.

In fact, part of the debate has been that developments in the sector are running ahead of the legal framework.

Questions too have been raised regarding how the oil revenue is being collected and how is it going to be used. Will the ordinary Ugandan benefit at all?

We analyze these issues in this edition of National Perspective Magazine.

Using the example of Ghana, we also look at how other African countries with a young oil sector are dealing with the legal framework in exploration and production.

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